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Developed by a team of engineers within our company, this machine is the solution to grind your warehouse floors fast, safe and comfortable.  Strong benefits are its precision combined with a grinding speed that hasn't been seen before with a very economical price per meter handled.
The end result is a warehouse floor with an unseen flatness, which allows optimal performance of your fleet of forklift trucks.

Surveying according to the preferred standard
100% certified
Certification at each level:

  • with its unique construction, the FloorProfiler is worldwide the only measurement robot that has been entirely certified with the VDMA
  • the surveyed data is fully automatic, without any human influence
  • the survey data is automatically converted
  • immediately accessible, 100% reliable with a clear visual result
Surveying according to the VDMA guideline guarantees a survey result which meets the following criteria:

  • the tolerance values have been closely coordinated on the specific width and the height of the forklift truck
  • the tolerance values are very precise
  • the robotic device is constructed to a high tolerance
  • the implementation manner of surveying is extremely accurate
  • the data processing cannot be manipulated
Mobile Technology
The advantages of mobile technology:

  • easy to apply
  • easy to connect to any mobile device
  • secure own network between mobile device and your FloorProfiler
  • connection up to 30 meters from FloorProfiler
  • wide variety of choices
  • full control of correct survey
  • layout according to
Floor Profiler
The FloorProfiler is a measuring robotic device developed in-house and trailer-made by Alphaplan, according to the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - German Engineering Federation) Guideline "Floors for use with VNA trucks".

  • the FloorProfiler is robotically self-propelled and steered
  • the extremely precise ongoing surveys are carried out using a laser, which guarantees a maximum precision
  • the surveyed results are immediately electronically read
  • the processed results are immediately accessible for the client and the consultant
  • the results have been certified on accuracy and authenticity
Floor Profiler
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